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A purpose of listening is to gain understanding of what another person is thinking or feeling. One method of achieving a greater understanding of what’s really going on for someone is Conscious Listening.

Conscious Listening is intentional listening. It involves hearing the words and use of voice and seeing the body language of someone as a method of understanding what they truly mean when they express themselves. It considers listening for what people aren't directly saying, what they might be reluctant to say, or don’t realize they're saying.

Among the benefits of Conscious Listening is others tend to share more and more honestly when they feel they are being truly listened to and really heard. In addition to greater understanding, this increases rapport.

Besides hearing others more attentively, Conscious Listening involves asking insightful questions designed to encourage the person speaking to share more and to think more deeply about what they're saying.

As we say in Conscious Listening, “Sometimes all someone needs a a good listening to!”

This training can be from 1.5 to 3 hours long. Areas covered include:

  • The Art of Conscious Listening; Why Conscious Listening?
  • The Thing is Not the Thing: Three stories in one
  • Conscious Listening Tools: 6 items for your toolbox
  • Conscious Listening Practice and Application
  • Practicing the basics
  • Listening for deeper clues
  • A question is sometimes better than an answer.

Conscious Listening  - This training can be delivered virtually or in person.