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Dan Elliot is a personal safety professional with over 20 years experience. He provides people with insight and strategies for understanding themselves and others as a way of communicating more clearly, improving relationships, coping with stress, and setting powerful boundaries.

Through the use of humor and insight, Dan is able to bring his energetic and engaging approach to make sense of why people behave the way they do, what can be done to understand—even appreciate them, and get along better with them. He prepares professionals who come in contact with upset, angry, or emotionally charged clients, customers, or tenants to be safe and productive in challenging situations.

Dan has traveled across the United States and internationally, working with agencies and businesses of all sizes, focusing on the areas of interpersonal safety, congruent communication, and customer service.

Dan was born in Columbus, Ohio—not his choice, and continues to reside there—certainly his choice, which is a very nice place to live if you like college football and extremes of weather. 

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