Cooperative Communication Specialist

Learn about this powerful way of increasing staff safety, listening skills and productivity.


Dan offers a varitey of presentations and trainings ranging from 90 minutes to 6 hours and more.

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Value of the Training

Confrontation and violence in the workplace affects an organization beyond liability issues. Anxiety over one’s safety can affect job performance, productivity and erode worker confidence in themselves and the organization. Staff trained in personal safety and communication skills can increase employee confidence, reduce the severity and amount of incidents, and improve organization climate.

Not only is Cooperative Communication a valuable tool for increasing safety and productivity in one's professional life, it can be applied to promote better communication and understanding in one's personal life.

Meeting Your Organization's Needs

The trainings listed are standardized—but not written in stone. Each organization has its own needs, concerns and issues regarding safety and communication. Because of these individual differences, the training curricula can be adapted to meet the needs and desired outcomes of your organization and modified for small or large groups and conference breakout sessions.

The Approach to Instruction

Nobody ever learned to swim by reading a book, watching a video, or standing at the edge of the pool: one must get in the water and practice. Dan employs a similar approach to teaching personal safety and listening and communication skills. Dan's method is as effective, easy and fun as learning to swim, but doesn’t require a change of clothes or special equiment—like a pool.

Through highly interactive lecturettes, group activities, discussions and transfer of learning activities, greater understanding is obtained and new skills are practiced and acquired. Limited class size is maintained to maximize attendee participation and learning.

Overview of Training

Training Options