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Many workers have job descriptions and duties that put them in direct contact with people who are emotionally charged. Human services case managers working with clients, customer service representatives working with consumers, or property managers dealing with tenants is a partial list of workers who are confronted by people who may challenge or even threaten them.

There are things that can be done preemptively to reduce the likelihood of challenging behaviors escalating or resolve issues more quickly and effectively when they do. Having the skills to prevent or deescalate challenging situations increases staff confidence.

Training options are:

Safety Awareness & Self-Protection - Delivered in person only

This comprehensive training is 12 hours long and taught over two days. It is often the option of agencies for new staff as part of their orientation training.

Personal Safety for Professionals - Delivered in person or virtually

This training is 6 hours long and most often taught in one day. It is often used as a refresher workshop or ongoing training for staff who already have on the job experience.

Working with Angry & Irate People - Delivered in person or virtually

This training is 3 hours long and focuses on the basics of reading challenging or threatening behavior, defusing and deescalation.

Personal Safety at the Workplace