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Dan Elliot is the Cooperative Communication Specialist. He provides people with insight and strategies for understanding themselves and others as a way of communicating more clearly, improving relationships, and maintaining safety on the job.

Cooperative Communication is a method professionals can use to be safer and more productive in the commison of their work. It employs techniques that tend to encourage people to work together towards the same end: gain deeper understanding that we may get along better, connect more deeply, be more productive, and achieve better results and outcomes.  

It's a practice workers can use to communicate more clearly, improve relationships, and successfully cope with hostile or angry behavior. It's particularly useful for staff who come into contact with emotionally charged, angry, or upset clients, consumers, or tenants.

What makes this approach unique is that it is designed for professionals whose job requires interacting with people who may be upset, emotionally charged or angry.

• Interpersonal Workplace Safety

• Behavioral Insight

• Congruent Communication